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Is your home's AC malfunctioning? It could be in need of a recharge. If you've been running fans and trying to keep the house cool, but there is still no relief in sight, it's time to schedule a service with Charles McDuffee Co. Heating & Air Conditioning. We'll help you keep your cool by providing you with service from one of the oldest, most trusted heating and air conditioning businesses in the Fox Valley.

Signs You Need an AC Recharge

More accurately described, recharging could be referred to as refilling. Essentially, a recharge consists of refilling the refrigerant into the AC system. Although this seems simple, it can be dangerous both to you and to your system if this process is done improperly.

Signs that you may need a system recharge include the following:

  • Vents blowing room temperature air
  • Frozen pipes, coils, and / or overall unit

Refrigerant is designed to last longer than your system. If you are experiencing the need for a recharge, you most likely have a leak. If you have a newer system, you may be eligible for a replacement due to a manufacturing error. However, if your system is older, you may need to consider a new system. Our certified technicians can help you determine what is the most cost efficient option.

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Each and every one of our services is backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, and has been since 1950. As a family-owned and operated business, our main goal is to ensure the quality of our services and the happiness of our customers. We accomplish this goal by employing courteous, certified technicians who can capably handle a wide variety of services.

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